What is rustic decoration and how to have a house

What is rustic decoration and how to have a house with rustic design?


Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors made food, clothing, and shelter with everything in nature. Rustic evokes the lifestyle of our ancestors in an era when nature and civilization were interdependent. Rustic decoration includes a wide range of layouts, from the interior decoration of a country house to Tuscan style houses, and of course, it accommodates a wide variety of styles. You do not have to live in a wooden cottage to have a house in various rustic styles. If you are planning to make a rustic decoration in your home, you will need special elements. Join us to learn more about this style of decoration.

Rustic decoration Which decoration styles are included?

Rustic is a name that encompasses many design styles. By definition, rustic decoration is a natural, old decoration and contains elements with a rough and uneven surface. Therefore, there are different styles with these characteristics, each of which is different from the other, but they are all considered rustic. Some of the rustic styles are: Tuscan style, beach style, rural house style and also any style that evokes the atmosphere of old and rural houses for you.

In rustic decoration, the emphasis is on being natural

One of the characteristics of a natural rustic style is the elements and materials used in it. This means that the materials of furniture and walls in this style are mostly stone, wood, and canvas veneers and old fabrics. According to interior designer Katie Hodges, the use of organic materials in their most natural form is the essence of the rustic style. The rustic design is simple, natural and earth-inspired. The use of raw materials in this style is common. Therefore, in this style, instead of using polished, glazed and painted woods, as much as possible, woods and stones are used in their most natural form so that the elements of nature enter the home space. In this style, instead of using wallpaper and oil paints, stone and wood are used to level and create dimensions in the interior walls.

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Forget about modern décor and everything related to it. In this style, you will not find traces of glittering furniture, geometric lighting and modern materials such as plastic and metal. Of course, in the contemporary rustic style, natural and earthy elements are beautifully combined with modern elements to create a decoration with a new atmosphere. The rustic style is itself darker, heavier and busier than the modern style. Therefore, the combination of these two styles will produce a bright, open and at the same time natural space; That is, a decoration similar to the beautiful house of the Cullens in the series of Gregorian movies.

“Honeycomb tables, armchairs and firewood are my favorite elements to add a little rustic feel to the decor without overdoing it,” says Hodges.

Surface wooden beams represent all rustic decoration

No option will create a rustic atmosphere for you as much as the beams made of raw wood, which are exposed on the roof. Of course, these beams, in addition to the roof, can also be used as a door frame, window or fireplace. Rectangular beams look sharp and strong, and wooden beams that are cut into rounds will create a calm and comfortable atmosphere in the viewer’s mind.

The furniture of a rustic house is handmade

As we have said, everything in this decoration is natural and, in order to match the atmosphere, the furniture used in rustic houses must also be handmade. Rustic home furnishings have a simple shape and design, and this simplicity makes the raw materials used in the furniture more visible than their design and shape. In this type of decoration, furniture and accessories are usually large in size and minimalism has no place in this style. Rustic decoration furniture is designed to convey a feeling of comfort and coziness. The use of heavy furniture made of wood and stone in rustic decoration is very common.

Wood fireplaces have a special place in rustic decoration

Along with all the wooden and stone elements, the fireplace is an essential component of rustic design. In the past, fireplaces played an important role in providing heat and light to the home and cooking fire. The use of fireplaces in rustic houses creates a good balance between the hardness and coldness of the stone and the heat of the fire.

The beautiful view complements the rustic house

Using rustic decoration is like embracing nature. Therefore, having large windows with a view of nature that directs light into the house is one of the important features of such houses.

The colors used in rustic decoration are natural colors

The colors used in rustic design are natural colors

As you can guess, the colors used in homes decorated in a rustic style are natural and neutral colors. Of course, sometimes bold and bold colors are also seen in the harmony of rustic decoration colors. Different ranges of green, brown and gray are the most widely used colors in this style of decoration. In this decoration, warm colors are used more than cold colors.

The elements used in rustic decoration are rough

The surface of the upholstery and the fabrics used in this decoration are slightly below and rough. Due to the fact that most of the items in this decoration are made of raw materials, the design and appearance of the items are slightly scratched and rough. The variety of colors, materials and shapes of their natural elements make them unique. In a rustic house, most of the furniture is made of raw wood with the following surface. The same is true of the textiles and fabrics used in the rustic style, and hemp fabrics and leather floor coverings and wall coverings are the main elements of the rustic style.

The rustic design is warm and fascinating

Rustic design with warm colors used in this style go hand in hand and create a comfortable and attractive atmosphere. Usually a very large fireplace is installed in the center of the living room. Although everything is a bit rough, warm colors, natural textiles in handmade baskets and rugs create a sense of home and a safe environment for the viewer. But to have such a warm and safe environment, you do not need to fully observe the rustic style. According to Hodges, “the best designs are the ones that have an amazing element to them. Rustic style elements can fit into any style of design. “Of course, adding these elements to the decoration must be careful and calculated.”





What is rustic decoration and how to have a house with rustic design?


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