What effect will the use of green color in home

What effect will the use of green color in home decoration have on our mood?


Green is reminiscent of nature and psychologically, like all other colors, it affects our mood and emotions. More than any other color, green is associated with calming and controlling negative emotions such as anxiety, stress and apprehension: an issue that has its roots in the close connection between green and nature. Such features cause some people to use the positive effects of green color on their mood and emotions, use it in home interior decoration. In the following, we will provide you with more details about the psychological effect of green on human mood. We will also tell you how to do this when using green in your home decor and what rules to follow. be with us.


A study of research on the effect of green color on moods and emotions

Numerous researches and studies have been done on the effect of green color on human spirits and emotions. Almost all of them indicate that seeing green is joyful and invigorating and helps to improve mental health.

People who go to the park and walk to escape from everyday life, or to make appointments with friends and acquaintances, think of a park or green space near their home or neighborhood before anywhere else. There are many of them. In other words, going to the green space and seeing this color has a positive and good effect on the mood, and that is why in many cases, it is our first choice.

Another point that has been mentioned in these studies and researches is about finding the root cause of human desire to see green in nature and other places. Some researchers believe that the color green, especially if in nature, is reminiscent of childhood memories and therefore seeing it is inspiring for us.

Other researchers believe that the color green and nature, in critical and crucial moments of life, such as a sudden change in health or leaving the current job position, find a deeper meaning and concept for humans and in such cases, attract more attention.

Investigating the psychological effect of green on human mood

Colors affect people psychologically. Seeing each color, we will have a special reaction emotionally or emotionally. Green is no exception to this rule. Green is more reminiscent of nature than anything else. When we hear its name, we think of dense forests, grasslands and plants. Seeing green psychologically has several major effects on our emotions and moods, which we will mention below.

1. Relaxation

Seeing green is soothing and invigorating, and it reduces negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and anxiety. That is why in the operating room of hospitals, green is used as the main and dominant color. also before that Actors and TV show guests appear in front of the camera, kept green in the waiting room to reduce their stress.

We experience such feelings when we step into nature and green space. Perhaps it is this close connection of green with nature that makes it refreshing and relaxing to see.

2. Stimulate excitement, passion and passion

In the myths of many cultures and countries, the color green is associated with the re-emergence of nature, change, vibrancy and other positive characteristics such as these. Maybe that’s why many people feel more secure when they see green and think of new opportunities with more enthusiasm.

3. Stimulate empathy

Stimulating empathy for the psychological effects of green

It may have happened to you that when you see someone wearing a green dress, Him Let the image of a kind and compassionate human be etched in your mind. Stimulating empathy is another psychological characteristic of green, and many people experience it when they see it.

4. Reminders of nature in the human mind

It has been said before that green is closely related to nature and therefore has psychological effects such as calming and reducing stress, but no matter what effect it has on our mood, green is itself a reminder of nature. That is why in today’s urban space or In home decoration, Some use green to try to remind themselves of nature that they have less access to.

5. To evoke a sense of optimism and hope

Imagine a plant landscape in your mind that has just emerged from the soil. Seeing such a scene or even imagining it can motivate you and make you optimistic about the future. Hope, optimism, forgiveness, energy and other such emotions are closely related to the color green. When we look at this color, depending on various factors, we may experience some of these emotions.

Keep in mind that the psychological effect of green on human mood is problematic Completely personal Is. Everyone’s feeling of seeing green, depending on various factors such as cultural background and past experiences, can be completely different and unique. To realize your unique feeling of seeing the color green, the next time you encounter it, wait a while and monitor your moods more closely.

Use green color in home decoration

Use green color in home decoration

Today, A.The use of green color in home decoration is usually limited to certain parts of the house that by going there, you can get away from the hustle and bustle for a while and become a little calmer. If you like, You can also paint more parts of the house, walls and ceilings green, of course Considering a few general rules that are mentioned below.

Rules of using green color in home decoration

Use green for the ceiling

By greening the ceiling of different rooms of the house, you can create a safe atmosphere in the room or house. It is recommended not to use very dark or light green colors when greening the ceilings; Because the appearance of the interior decoration of the house may be affected.

Use green paint for the walls

If you plan to use green in home decoration and paint the walls with it, it is recommended not to use dark green and instead use lighter and softer shades of green. This gives the room a calm and cool look.

Use green for the floor

As in the previous case, for the floor, it is better to use lighter and softer green backgrounds to create a calm and safe atmosphere in the house. The use of dark green colors for the floor is not recommended.

Is it possible to benefit from its positive psychological features by using green color in home decoration?

The positive effect of green on mood - the use of green in home decoration

Although seeing green has different psychological effects on the human spirit and emotions, you should not forget that in most cases, your experience of seeing this color and the feeling you get can be completely personal and unique. It has been mentioned before that many factors, such as cultural backgrounds and personal experiences in the past, can determine the feeling you get when you see green.

So before using green in home decoration, it is better to take a moment to see it in landscapes, paintings and various other places and see exactly how it feels to see it. If this feeling was positive and pleasing to you, follow this rule in the design and interior decoration of your home, considering the rules mentioned in the previous section.

what is your opinion? What emotions and moods does seeing the color green evoke in you? Do you want to use green in your home decoration or do you prefer other colors? In the comments section, you can tell us and your readers about your opinions and experiences. Also, if reading this article was helpful to you, share it with your friends.





What effect will the use of green color in home decoration have on our mood?


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