What colors should we use in interior decoration in 2020?

What colors should we use in interior decoration in 2021?

Have you noticed that the weather can not be predicted very accurately? Guessing the color every year is just like the weather, meaning you can not tell exactly what colors are going to sit on your clothes or on the walls of your home. It is only by examining global fashions and trends and referring to the experts and experts in this field that one can make some predictions about the popular colors every year. Every year, common colors, such as fashion, interior design and food, are completely influenced by what is happening in the world. Obviously, at a time when everyone’s life is very busy, there are concerns such as the environment and climate change, and attention to health and healthy living is more than before, colors with a spectrum of earth, warm neutral colors and soft green seem more popular than ever. Reach. In the following, you will read more about the popular colors of 2020.


Popular colors in 2020 in interior decoration and design

The popularity of some colors, especially every year, is influenced by what happens in the world. These days, when people are more focused on mental health, attention to neutral and natural materials and colors is more than ever. It seems that human beings should return to nature for peace and mental health. Thus, the colors that are supposed to paint the doors and walls of our world in 2020 have become more limited than in previous years. Next year, there will be colors that are shiny and evoke nature.

The colors of 2020 are supposed to be the backdrop and background for colored furniture. Neutral colors are usually natural and complex, and there are traces of matte that are reminiscent of calm and serenity. For example, consider the color of the soil. There is a kind of warmth and earthiness in it. This color is one of the key neutral colors that plays an important role in interior design and decoration coloring.

To learn more about the world of colors and their presence in interior decoration and interior design, in the following, we will introduce the colors of 2020, selected by Dulux company. This company has been working for many years in the field of producing colors and home decoration ideas and various spaces. So, read the trends or trends related to color next year from the experts of this company and try to get ideas and inspiration from them according to your taste.

1. Bright matte; A simple but noisy orchestra

In 2020, the use of matte light colors will become common. Different colors are seen and present in different forms in nature and artifacts around us, but, nevertheless, every year, a lottery is drawn in the name of a range of them to become famous and popular.

The millennial pink color, which includes a range of soft pink, is leaving the fashion scene. Now we have to see the presence of another type of pink. Red with shades of pomegranate, along with khaki pink (a combination of purple and pink that is not bold and thick) replaces colors with amber.

In the range of light matte colors, Deluxe has shifted to colors such as bold burgundy red (burgundy is a type of red wine), eggplant, khaki, tan, and light coral. These colors are reminiscent of the 70’s and the art used in interior decoration of spaces such as discos. This color palette will be for painting and decorating spaces that are special and distinctive and are not afraid of bold and different choices.

Using this color spectrum for a large and luxurious bedroom, living room or living room can add to its charms in a wonderful way. In this color palette, pink, which is the popular color of recent years, is also present, but the tonality and spectrum of pink used is more opaque and warm earthy pink is used along with a spectrum.

2. Neutral and earthy; Philosophical simplicity

the color of the year

In 2020, neutral and earthy colors will become common. Of course, there is no news about the reddish brown or light gray color spectrum in next year’s fashion. In the new year, we will encounter colors that are soft and at the same time soft and neutral, have their own complexities. Neutral colors, as mentioned before, represent a kind of calm and serenity. The color of clay is one of the famous representatives of the neutral spectrum, which brings with it heat and natural effects of soil.

The deluxe offer for neutral and earthy color ranges includes options that cover a combination of soft, neutral, yet warm and vibrant colors: light gray and cream along with light purple, nicknamed lilac, and warm, matte coral. The proposed color spectrum for 2020 has a neutral state that creates a feeling of calm and peace in the environment. The addition of gold and coral colors to this combination makes it possible to add luxurious effects to the environment.

Manufacturer’s recommendation

Use lilac along with greenish gray instead of green in the combination of decoration colors and see the beautiful result.

3. Green and blue; The ocean in the look of the house

the color of the year

If you look at the predictions and suggestions for the color of 2020, you will find that green and blue, inspired by the range of ocean colors and the colors of nature, have a special place. Company Pantone Announcing the special color of the year every year, they talk about the mint green color that is going to be popular in the streets and alleys. On this account, there will be no combination of ocean green and blue in the decoration? Deluxe experts believe that giving up green and blue is pure folly.

Just think of the vibrant, radiant and invigorating combination of ocean blue and blue-green streaks to realize that the addition of these colors, along with the azure and amber spectrum, can bring a new style and wave to the world of decoration and design using natural colors. . The brightness and fluidity hidden in the spectrum of ocean green and blue colors create sparks of creativity and adventure, along with warm earthy shades, and add a sense of comfort and warmth to the environment.

These colors allow us to use furniture and furnishings that belong to different periods;

Manufacturer’s recommendation

Remember that although following fashion can be attractive and interesting, but when you are going to use colors for decor and design of a space like home, be sure to pay attention to your personal taste. Colors can be motivating and inspiring and represent the mood and behavior of the landlord. So, it is better to consider your personal taste while looking at fashion and not to crush your individuality under the high heels of fashionable shoes.

4. Night password; Green Green Green

the color of the year

The more we are captivated by the world of technology and the further away from nature, the more we realize its value and the more we feel the need for the green frames of nature. Nature has many beneficial effects on our mind and body. These same needs and desires have led designers and experts to show interest in the return of green to different places and spaces. Accept that we need a way to reconnect with nature. For example, planting flowers or vegetables are ways that connect us with nature.

One of the ways to return to nature is to use green color in interiors and decoration. Despite the green color spectrum in the environment, the feeling of calm returns to any place and it is possible to move away from the digital space. Deluxe’s ​​proposed color palette for using green includes light olive, light pistachio kernel green, and glossy green, the color of forest plants. With the soft and natural green color spectrum, you can provide a calm and attractive atmosphere in your home.

Green textures and colors can be used in a variety of designs. At the same time, they give warmth to the environment, which conveys the good taste of home warmth. The combination of green color with semi-dark woods, natural stones and colored glass becomes very beautiful.




What colors should we use in interior decoration in 2020?


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