Use of mirrors in decoration; Tips and tricks for the

Use of mirrors in decoration; Tips and tricks for the taste buds


Mirrors have many uses. That is why they are so popular in poetry and reality. Reflecting light and images and enlarging spaces is what makes these objects important and lovable. Before you go into the use of mirrors in interior decoration, it is good to hear advice from us and if you like, apply them.


1. When using a mirror in decoration, pay attention to the reflection of light

Before you go on to decorate a wall with a mirror, you need to see what image is going to be reflected in it. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. For example, we look and see that we have some empty walls and we look in the mirror through the eyes of one of the options for decorating the wall, but this is wrong; That is, it is not wrong, but it is not enough.

By hanging a mirror in front of one of the furniture of the house (for example, a painting on the opposite wall or pillar or anything else) we make it more important and emphasized. Why? Because its image is reflected in the mirror; So we have to pay attention to the image that is placed in the mirror. One of the best ideas is to install the mirror in front of the window. In this case, more light is reflected in the environment and the space becomes brighter. What could be better than this?

Inspirational examples

In the picture above, you can see an example of using a mirror in decoration. In the mirror, the reflection of other decorative objects is placed and their beauty is more visible. This large mirror also makes the space look wider.

2. Do not underestimate the mirror, which is very important

When decorating a wall with a mirror, you should also pay attention to it; The image reflected is not important alone. The mirror should always be installed at the right height from the wall. Paintings and paintings are always installed at the same angle as the audience, but this rule does not apply to mirrors. Where the mirror is mounted on the wall depends on the image you want to reflect; So depending on the situation, you can install the mirrors at eye level or above and below it.

Inspirational examples

Use mirrors in decoration

Look at this mirror fireplace. Do you see how it harmonizes with the decoration of other parts of the room? As you can see, you do not have to mount the mirror on the wall like a frame. The world of mirrors is very wide. They can be used as part of the room furniture. While they must not be in line with people’s gaze; Like this fireplace mirror or maybe the mirror fireplace that is in the lower third of the wall.

3. Think big and be creative in using the mirror

Do not be afraid to install large mirrors in a small space. Mirrors give any space more depth and magnitude with the visual error they create; So by using mirrors in decoration or mirror work on the reception wall, you can enlarge a small space. Tall mirrors are a great option for small rooms.

If you have a small space and room and you want to use a small mirror to decorate and enlarge the space, instead of installing a mirror, just lean it against the wall. Using mirrors in narrow spaces such as hallways is also a good idea that you will not regret doing.

Inspirational examples

Use mirrors in decoration

As you can see in the picture above, the use of tall mirrors in small spaces makes them look big and bright. In this confined room, the mirrors act as if we have stepped into a large space and there is enough light. Do not underestimate the miracle of mirrors.

4. Create focal points in space with mirrors

Mirrors can create good focal points in space. Now, what is the meaning of “focal point”? This is why most decorators use mirrors above the fireplace or sideboard next to the dining table.

Just install sconce lights on both sides of the mirror and see what a beautiful view and attractive focal point is created. If you have more courage in designing decoration, wall design with mirror can also create an attractive focal point for the space.

Inspirational examples

Use mirrors in decoration

You can see an example of mirror work on the reception wall and other parts of the space in the picture above. These walls create attractive points and give light and space to the space. Of course, this idea may not be to everyone’s taste, and it takes a little courage to implement it.

Another inspiring example

Examples of the use of mirrors in decoration

Both mirrors in the image above have been able to create symmetrical and attractive focal points. The other furniture is also perfectly symmetrical and has created a very eye-catching decoration based on the principles of feng shui.

5. The style and model of the mirror is more important than you think

Mirrors have different designs and models. Some of them are made in a modern style and others have a traditional, classic, special and strange style. The frame and shape of the mirror make it the final look; So by choosing the right frame and shape, you will reach your goal in using mirrors in decoration. The effect that porcelain mirrors have on decoration is quite different from the use of mirrors with wooden frames.

In addition to the frame, the mirrors themselves have a variety. Some of them are smoky or antique (antique) are made. These models of mirrors give a special mood to the space; So in decorating the wall with a mirror, you should pay attention to its type and frame.

Inspirational examples

An inspiring example of the use of mirrors in decoration

There are many types of mirrors available in the market. When it comes to decorative mirrors, we have several choices. The use of decorative mirrors is suitable for sections that connect two separate spaces; For example, using a mirror in the hallway space between the exit door and the hall is an interesting idea. The mirror you see in the picture has an artistic effect and is located between two different spaces of the house.

Another inspiring example

Methods of using mirrors in decoration

In choosing different decorative elements, in addition to taking into account the characteristics of the environment, your own taste is also a condition. Maybe you like simplicity. In this case, choosing simple mirrors will satisfy you and make your home space dreamy and attractive. To decorate the wall with a mirror, you can easily go to the frame of the image. This case also has its beauties. What matters is what you think.

6. Install the mirror properly on the wall

Do not limit yourself to a small nail to install the mirror. This nail is not safe and does not allow the beauty mirror to stand on the wall. Use hooks to hang the mirror to install the mirror. Always nail to the top and bottom of the mirror so that it is both firmly in place and firmly on the wall.

Inspirational examples

The correct way to use mirrors in decoration

In the picture above, you can see a relatively large and bulky mirror. It is clear that we must use the appropriate nails and hooks for installation. The geometric shape of the mirror, its location and its coordination with other devices have created a great combination. Isn’t that so?

7. Use several mirrors at the same time

Use mirrors in decoration

Hanging several mirrors on the wall next to each other is a beautiful idea. You might think that a wall looks like a wall of galleries and exhibitions, but there is nothing wrong with that. When you place several mirrors side by side on a wall, look at them through the eyes of a common unit; Like when you hang several matching frames together on the wall.

This idea is suitable for simple spaces that do not have a lot of furniture; But if you implement this idea in a crowded and processed room, the environment there may seem chaotic and cluttered. When using a mirror in decoration, you must be careful about its fit with the space.

8. Also have a look at mirrors

Mirror home appliances are also among the favorites. The use of these devices increases the reflection of light in the space and makes the walls appear taller. Of course, it is better to choose this idea for low-income rooms and spaces. In the living room and crowded spaces, high light reflection is not very pleasant; Therefore, it is better not to use this trick in such spaces.

Inspirational examples

Use mirrors in decoration

Pay attention to the picture above. The sideboard with the mirrored door widens the space by reflecting the image of the floor. Using mirrors in decoration can be just as creative and different. Instead of putting a mirror on the sideboard as usual, there is a mirror on the sideboard. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

What not to do when using a mirror in decoration?

The use of mirrors, like any other device in decoration, must be accompanied by care and intelligence. If you know the common mistakes in this field, you will avoid them; So pay attention to the following:

  • Do not install mirrors unplanned and purpose: Do not go to the mirrors without a plan and just because one of the walls is empty. If you go ahead with the plan, you will have an attractive and creative decoration.
  • Mirrors should not be exposed to direct light: It is true that the reflection of sunlight in the mirror illuminates the space, but adjust the angle of the mirror to the sunlight so that it does not shine directly on the mirror. The direct reflection of light from the mirror is not only unpleasant, but also spoils the mirror over time.
  • Pay attention to the humidity of the bathroom and toilet when installing the mirror: The presence of a mirror in the bathroom is essential; But if the mirrors are placed in the wrong place, too much moisture will damage them.
  • Be careful when choosing a mirror in the bedroom: Putting a mirror in front of the bed is not a good idea at all, because it disturbs the comfort of the bedroom. Place the mirror on or next to the bed. Of course, be aware that installing a mirror above the bed is difficult in terms of safety.
  • Choose a reasonable number of mirrors: It is true that mirrors make the space big and beautiful, but there is no reason to install mirrors on every empty wall. Be careful in choosing the number of mirrors for each space.

at the end

Did you learn to use mirrors in decoration better? Were the ideas and recommendations right for you? If you think there is anything left to think about, be sure to let us know in the “Submit a Comment” section.

The mirror and its magical effect also have a special place in stories and poems; For example, Shamloo Bozorg says: “I put mirrors equal to your mirrors to make you eternal.” Isn’t it beautiful?

How much do you believe in the use of mirrors and their magic in space?





Use of mirrors in decoration; Tips and tricks for the taste buds


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