Types of kitchen curtains, attractive decorations and things you do

Types of kitchen curtains, attractive decorations and things you do not know


Many decisions are usually made in kitchens; From the choice of utensils, colors and models of cabinets to the decision to cook. Perhaps the last thing that comes to mind in the kitchen is the kitchen curtain model. Familiarity with the types of kitchen curtains will help you make better decisions when changing the kitchen decoration. In this article, you will get acquainted with different models of fabrics, colors and designs so that you can choose the best model for kitchen curtains. In the following, according to the types of decorations, we suggest you the appropriate curtain.


Familiarity with different types of kitchen curtains

Cafe curtains

This curtain model is one of the common types of kitchen curtains. These curtains are usually made of linen, polyester and silk. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets, and the lower bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. In the past, this style of curtain was used in roadside cafes and its name is derived from this theme.

1. Long cafe curtains

The height of this type of curtain is about 1 meter and 15 centimeters. This type of curtain covers the entire window and is a good choice for those who are concerned about privacy. This type of curtain hangs almost from the ceiling to the bottom.

2. Half cafe curtains

This model of kitchen curtain covers only the lower half of the window and harmonizes well with the kitchen decor. You can order different designs and models from this curtain. With this model of semi-curtains, enough light shines into the kitchen environment and thus you will have a bright place. If you are concerned about privacy in the kitchen, you can use valances that match the color and model of this type of curtain.

Valance curtains (half curtains)

Valance curtains are small in size and cover only the upper part of the window. We can say that this model of curtain is the exact opposite model of cafe curtains. Initially, this curtain model in the era Renaissance Was employed; But in the course Victorian Reached the peak of popularity. Valan curtains are mostly used for kitchens that have a small space.

3. Balloon Wall Curtains

Balloon wall curtain model

Another model of kitchen curtain that we introduce is the balloon wall, which is also known as cloudy or puffy wall. For balloon valance sewing, the desired size for the length of the curtain is specified twice and the lower edge is sewn along the upper part of the curtain. Usually, these curtain models are combined with cafe curtains and give softness and freshness to the kitchen.

4. Curtains of luminous walls

Swinging Valan Kitchen Curtains

As the name implies, this curtain valance does not have a simple model. This model of curtain is installed from the top and hangs on both sides. The valanced valance has a formal look and is more glamorous than other curtain models. This kitchen curtain design gives a classic look to the space.

5. Pleated box wall hangings

Valan kitchen curtains with pleated boxes

This model of curtain is called those curtain curtains that have smooth edges and their width is sewn in the form of pleats. This sewing model is called box model and has a very stylish appearance. This fancy curtain will make your kitchen very beautiful.

Blinds Curtain (Zebra)

This new curtain model is one of the modern kitchen curtains that is made of harder materials, such as polyethylene or coarse mesh fabric. This curtain is mounted on a special frame and goes up and down with the help of a special string. The shed curtain is a suitable insulator against heat and cold. There are three models of curtains suitable for the kitchen: Roman, bamboo and roll.

6. Roman blind curtains

Roman blinds are a modern curtain

This curtain is one of the popular models that goes up and down evenly. Roman sheds block light well. It is usually made of wood or dry fabrics. If the Roman blinds are in harmony with the decor and color of the kitchen, you will have a very stylish and modern look.

7. Shade bamboo curtains

Bamboo shade for kitchen curtains

Unlike the Roman shed, a little light passes through the bamboo shed. This type of curtain has a tropical and tropical look and gives a sense of comfort to your kitchen. Bamboo shade is a popular kitchen curtain model for those who have environmental concerns. This type of curtain is made of 100% natural materials; But apart from its comfort, the bamboo shed is a very delicate curtain that can be easily damaged.

8. Shade curtains roll

Shade roll suitable for kitchen curtains

If you are looking for a kitchen curtain that protects your privacy and is simple, this type of curtain is the best choice. Shade roll is easy to install and fits in well with most kitchen decor. It is also easy to clean this type of kitchen curtain. Shade roll curtains protect you and your kitchen utensils from harmful ultraviolet rays while not obscuring the brightness of the environment. This kitchen curtain design has a simple look and creates a homogeneous space for you.

9. Silk curtains

Silk curtains for kitchen curtains

Silk curtains are made of very light fabrics. This type of curtain not only illuminates the environment, but also protects your privacy. The bright color and softness of the fabric in this curtain model will make your kitchen very beautiful. One of the advantages of using this model of kitchen curtain is its easy installation on windows of different sizes. The downside of silk curtains is that they are not considered good thermal insulation.

10. Long curtain panel

Long curtains suitable for kitchen curtains

Long curtains can be found in different colors, designs and materials. This curtain model is very suitable for kitchens that have a large space. To get the right size for this curtain, measure from where you are installing the bar to the bottom of the window. If you want to act a little differently, you can add a few inches more to the size of the curtain to make the curtain sequence look different. Of course, do not forget that this model of kitchen curtain needs more cleaning. Long curtains completely protect your privacy, are a good insulator and give a stylish look to the kitchen.

Familiarity with different types of kitchen decorations

Classic kitchen decoration

Classic decoration and selection of kitchen curtains

If your kitchen is a classic kitchen with soft cream colors, choose light kitchen curtains with a very small amount of green. It does not matter if the model you choose covers the whole window or the curtain model is white, its white color harmonizes well with the kitchen decoration. Morning sunlight from the window also creates a beautiful view.

Modern kitchen decoration

Modern decoration and choosing the right kitchen curtains

For the decoration of modern kitchens that have a simple yet deep look, the use of dark shades will be a great option. These contrasting curtain colors are obvious at first glance. On the other hand, ordinary blinds are also a good choice for kitchen curtains in modern decoration.

Indigenous / rustic kitchen decoration

Kitchen curtains suitable for indigenous style decoration

For indoor decorations, which usually have a wooden cabinet top and a large spice rack around it, a checkered curtain design would be a great choice. It does not matter if the curtain of your choice has a striking dark colors or a classic checkered red, this type of curtain brings a sense of intimacy to your kitchen.

Classic modern kitchen decoration

Kitchen curtains suitable for classic modern decoration

The Mid Century Modern was an art movement in the United States between 1945 and 1969 that brought about changes in interior decoration, graphics, products, and architecture. Impressive wood and colors are used in the decorations following this style. To choose a kitchen curtain that is suitable for this decoration, you can go to the most impressive designs of Roman shades. Do not forget that the color you choose is in harmony with the kitchen and its overall space.

Scandinavian kitchen decoration

Kitchen curtains suitable for Scandinavian decoration

This decoration appeared in the early twentieth century. Simplicity and practicality are the hallmarks of this style. For a Scandinavian kitchen curtain that has a simple and minimal look, bamboo shade in bright colors is a great choice that goes well with other wooden elements of the kitchen. This model forms a warm and fascinating space curtain.

Industrial kitchen decoration

Kitchen curtains suitable for industrial decoration

To choose a kitchen curtain in a house that is decorated in an industrial style and a combination of metal and furniture in dark colors, gray Roman shade helps to soften the space. Gray color gives a subtle feeling to the kitchen space as it creates contrast.

Sailor kitchen decoration

Sailor decoration and kitchen curtains

One of the main features of this style of decoration is the presence of sailor blue color in it. In the sailor-style kitchen, the model of dishes and large decorative ropes play the first role. Corrugated sheds, which are available in the market as zebra curtains, are very compatible with this decor.

Bohemian Kitchen Decoration

Kitchen curtains suitable for bohemian decoration

In the bohemian style of decoration, many utensils and utensils can be seen. Floral design curtains are a good choice for this style. Roman blinds or valance curtains harmonize well in the kitchen of this decoration.

Urban kitchen decoration

Kitchen curtains suitable for urban decoration

This style of decoration is inspired by urban life and has a modern, special and relaxing look. In urban decoration, simple, minimal and modern elements play the first role. A simple shade with a dark color is the best option for curtains in this decoration. This bold choice creates a professional and bold look against the white walls, which also maintains the minimalist style of decoration.





Types of kitchen curtains, attractive decorations and things you do not know


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