Small bedroom layout; 4 tricks to make the most of

Small bedroom layout; 4 tricks to make the most of your bedroom space

Having trouble designing your own small bedroom decor? You may think that because your bedroom is small, you can no longer have a beautiful and eye-catching arrangement. But you are sorely mistaken! Even if you have a problem with lack of space, with just a little bit of intelligence, you can fit your belongings well and have enough space to get around the room. So if you are looking for creative ideas to design a small bedroom layout, in this article we will present 5 ways to arrange furniture and appliances in a small bedroom as well as 4 attractive tricks to make a small bedroom layout more beautiful and make more use of its space.

1. Create symmetry

You can place the bed in the middle of the width of the room under the window. Also place the beds on either side a short distance from the wall. You can also place an open wardrobe on the wall in front of the window. Because the wardrobe does not have an open door, you will have no issue placing the furniture on the side wall. So if you like, you can put a compact drawer there as well.

In symmetrically arranged bedrooms, it is easy to move on either side of the bed. This comfort will be especially noticeable when changing bedspreads and arranging bedspreads. More interestingly, symmetrically arranged bedrooms look a bit more spacious due to the symmetry of the layout, even if they are small.

In order for the bed and the beds to fit together in a row, it is better not to use very wide beds. It is true that wide beds are more spacious; But long, narrow beds can be spacious enough to take up less space.

2. Lose one Bedside Table

In designing the layout of the small bedroom above, you can see that the bed has free space on both sides; But it is not as symmetrical as the previous design. If you remove one of the beds, it is better that the bed and the drawer that you place on both sides of the bed, match in shape to create a greater sense of symmetry. With such an arrangement, you will have enough space in the wardrobe to open the closet door.

3. Or Lose Both

Sometimes the wall on the side you want to use to place the bed is so small that only the bed itself can fit. In this case, there is no space left for the beds. In this case, you can put a niche above the head of the bed to compensate for the lack of a bed. If there is a lamp under this niche, that is great. You can also place the drawer and wardrobe in the corners of the room.

4. Large dressing room with small bedroom

Sometimes bedrooms that have a dressing room have a large dressing room but the interior itself is a small room. If your bedroom is like this, you can put the bed in the corner under the window. In this case, use the edge under the window as a bed. In this way, there will probably be enough space to fit the drawer. Using a wall lamp next to the bed is also an interesting idea in the absence of a bed.

5. Stack Your Storage

You may have seen in some layout designs that the rail hangs on the top of the bed. But there are few people who want to sleep with all the clothes on their heads! If your bedroom is so small that you have trouble hanging clothes, you can follow the plan above.

As you can see, the bed itself occupies only three sides of the wall. But you can also have a clothes hanger on the side of the remaining wall in addition to the drawer. You must be asking how? Install the clothes hanger at a higher height; So that the clothes hang above the drawer. The only problem is that you can no longer use the screen on the drawer. But when the space is very small, sometimes there is no other choice!

But a few tricks for arranging a small bedroom

1. Creative use of empty spaces

Small bedroom layout - creative use of empty spaces

You need to be creative in arranging a small bedroom to make the most of the space. For example, using the space under and around the bed (as pictured above) or using a high-height clothes hanger instead of a wardrobe are tricks that increase the efficiency of a small bedroom.

2. Optimal use of walls

Small bedroom layout - optimal use of walls

Do not underestimate the empty space of the walls. For example, install the TV on the wall instead of on the TV table. Or you can have a niche instead of a bed. Instead of bulky lampshades, install sconces next to the bed.

3. Reducing bedspreads

Small Bedroom Arrangement - Reducing Bedding

In small bedrooms, the bed usually attaches to the wall at least on both sides or is very close to the wall. We have said before that in such a situation, changing the sheets and arranging the bedding is hard work and time-consuming. But to make the layout of a small bedroom more beautiful, reduce the number of layers you put on the bed. It is better to put only a blanket and bedding. Definitely, if you throw away the bedspreads, blankets and other accessories, you will have to spend more time, and since you do not have easy access to both sides of the bed, you will surely get greedy! But with the same bedspread and simple bedding, you can have an interesting bedroom; Just like the picture above.

4. Play with colors

Small bedroom layout - play with colors

Small bedrooms are not necessarily dull and dull. You can create a feeling of warmth and comfort in small spaces just by adding a little color and texture with the help of pillows or bedspreads as well as proper lighting.



Small bedroom layout; 4 tricks to make the most of your bedroom space


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