Renovation of old houses with Knauf; Get updated very fast!

Renovation of old houses with Knauf; Get updated very fast!


In this article, we want to introduce a suitable, fast and valuable method for renovating old houses that will make a significant difference to your home. Are you familiar with Knauf? Sometimes there are misconceptions about Knauf; For example, some consider it just a kind of false ceiling, while knauf has a much wider range of applications as one of the newest materials in the construction industry. Now the main question is: what is the use of knauf in home renovation?


Reconstruction of the house wall with knauf

One of the main applications of knauf is the reconstruction of old walls; This means that you can use knauf covering walls to complete the joinery instead of plaster. Why? What are the benefits of this work?

  • First, you can quickly and painlessly move from an old, damp wall to a clean, even wall. In the traditional way, this is time consuming and dirty.
  • Secondly, with Knauf, you have the opportunity to implement various and creative ideas and designs on the wall. This is traditionally limited and troublesome.
  • Third, Knauf wall covering is also a type of thermal sound insulation.
Knauf wall covering in two modes No structure And With metal substructure Done. Experts use one of these two modes depending on the type of use and needs of each project.

Creating new spaces in the reconstruction of old houses

Renovation of old houses with knauf

Another application of knauf in home renovation is its use as a partition wall. How about

You may want to change the layout of the house during the renovation project, for example:

  • Turn your two-bedroom home into a three-bedroom;
  • Install a dividing wall between the entrance hall and the kitchen;
  • Separate the entrance of the bathroom from the reception area with a decorative wall.

In such cases, knauf is the best option. With this system, you can add a non-load-bearing wall anywhere in the building and enjoy your new interior design.

but why? What is the advantage of this work over ordinary porcelain blades?

  • As mentioned before, the empty space inside the Knauf separating wall allows the use of various types of thermal and sound insulation;
  • You can also easily pass electrical and mechanical installations through this empty space;
  • You can design a knauf wall with creative forms, for example, a dividing wall in the form of a library, a decorative knauf wall or a wall design with solid and hollow geometric shapes that have a decorative use;

  • Considering the possibility of passing the facilities, you can also think about Knauf lighting;
  • You can also find a place for switches and sockets according to your needs;
  • There are no restrictions in terms of the ability to paint, tile, install wallpaper or any other type of final coating;
  • Knauf is executed faster than the china blade;
  • Material wastage is also much lower in this method.
You may think that all this is possible in any case and you may not need Knauf. Yes, but not so fast, not so good, not so fast!

Reconstruction of the pillar of the house

One of the components of many older homes is the columns, which are often not removable! Therefore, their renovation seems necessary in the reconstruction of old houses. Convenience on the column allows you to have a variety of designs for the column and also benefit from the possibility of lighting on it.

If you are looking for dramatic changes in the interior design of the house, surely one of the newest ways to renovate an old house and modernize it is Knauf.

Renovation of the roof of the house with Knauf

Roof design is one of the most important and influential parts of home remodeling, because it is both very visible and very important in terms of providing ambient light to the home.

Knauf height, design style and type of lighting are very important in the implementation of Knauf ceiling. Before remodeling your home with knauf, it is important to take some time with your design on paper and finalize your roof design ideas: from the appearance of the roof to the exact location of the lamps (including halogens, dimmers, etc.) and finally Coloring, patina, wallpaper and… that multiplies the visual effect of the house.

We suggest that you use Knauf to renovate the roof of the house, because:

  • It is light and has more protection against earthquakes;
  • It has a lot of flexibility in terms of design and execution;
  • Reconstruction of the roof of the house with Knauf is very fast and easy to implement;
  • The cost is really worth it.

The last word

Renovating old houses and upgrading them is the best way to do interior design work. The use of cannabis is almost a staple of old home remodeling projects. From renovating small houses to renovating large houses! Of course, the use of knauf is not limited to the reconstruction of old houses. what is your opinion? Have you ever used knauf to renovate the roof or wall of a house?


Renovation of old houses with Knauf; Get updated very fast!


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