Installing and arranging the frame on the wall and the

Installing and arranging the frame on the wall and the points that you must follow


Installing and arranging the frame on the wall and choosing the appropriate shape and mode in interior decoration is an important art. It is safe to say that there are very few people who have a taste and understanding of installing suitable frames on the wall. The good news is that this art is quite learnable. In this article, you will read about the proper methods of installing and arranging frames on the wall to have a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. Stay with us.


Learn the steps of installing and arranging the frame on the wall

The presence of frames with images in harmony with your home decoration and taste can make any environment more attractive. But remember that you should not accidentally hit the water and nail the nails to the clean heart of the wall; Because the nails are difficult to repair and correct, and severely distorts the appearance of the wall. Remember the following steps in installing the frame:

  • Determine in advance how the frames or frames on the wall will be arranged;
  • Choose the right frame;
  • Slightly adjust the position of the frame on the wall;
  • Nail the wall and finish the project.

Choose the arrangement of the frame on the wall

The way the frames are arranged depends on your taste and the type of wall; But determining it is the first step in installing the frame; This means that when you want to think about installing a frame on the wall of your home or any other place, you have to have a perspective on the number and shape of the wall frames. This view will help you to buy the right options and do the best wall decoration.

Choose the right frame

A suitable frame means a frame that is in harmony with the decoration style of the environment. Frames are available in different materials and shapes: wooden frames, steel, plastic and…. So according to the decoration style of the environment, you should choose a frame that is in harmony with the space and the environment.

Determine the frame installation range and the last step

Frame installation and frame arrangement on the wall - determine the installation location

Avoid nails and nails that leave an undesirable mark on the wall. To do this, after selecting your frames, you need to draw them somewhat on pieces of cardboard and cut the cardboard. Then place the pieces of cardboard, each representing your frame, on the wall, and easily determine where the nail should be placed.

This will give you an idea of ​​how the frames fit together on the wall; The walls will not be damaged in vain and your work will be more accurate. Finally, the task of everything is clear and you can easily drive the nail and install your frames.

Tips on installing and arranging the frame on the wall

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Place the frame on top of the sofa

Arrange the frame on the wall above the sofa

One of the common tips for using different pictures and paintings on the wall is to place the frame on the wall so that all people of medium height can have a good view of it; That is, the angle of view of people towards the frame is such that to watch it, you do not need to raise your head to the top of the wall or lower your head to have an accurate view of the image.

Obviously, when you sit on the couch, the angle of your gaze also goes down. So if you want to install a frame on the wall of the living room or living room, you have to install it a little higher than your sofa. A large sofa, or in the words of foreigners, a sofa or the largest piece of a set of sofas, is a suitable level for installing a frame; This means that you can place your frame on the same large sofa a short distance from it.

Using the idea of ​​parallel frames

Arrange the frame on the wall in parallel

It is also a good idea to put the frames together in parallel. When you have several frames of the same size, by placing them parallel to each other and creating a large square or rectangle of them next to each other, you will achieve a beautiful order and appearance. So choose an even number of frames and place them next to each other with a small distance. In this method of installing the frame on the wall, it is as if you are creating a general set with your frames. Such a thing is eye-catching.

Considering focal points and installing different frames

Arrange the frame on the wall taking into account the focal points

Another way to install a frame is to put frames with different designs and shapes and of course different sizes next to each other. With this method, you can create a diverse and interesting wall. But in this case, too, you should try to place more eye-catching and prominent frames in the center and focal point of the wall and place the rest of the frames around it.

For example, install a larger frame in the center of the wall, and then place smaller frames around it and install. If there is a meaningful connection between the different frames on the wall, the collection you are designing will be even more attractive; For example, if there is harmony in terms of the content of the frame and the image in it or the shape of the frames, you will end up with a more beautiful wall.

Random and irregular placement of frames

Arrange the frame on the wall at random

Remember that sometimes some irregularity in the arrangement of small and large frames can be a good idea to install frames; For example, if you have several large and small frames that are similar in meaning and content inside the frame, the possibility of stacking them randomly together can create a beautiful view on the wall.

For example, frames that you have in different sizes of family members and family photos, you can put on a shelf or the same wall floor and make a spectacular combination.

Install three frames side by side

Arrange the frames on the wall next to each other

In the previous sections, it was mentioned about installing frames with even number. In order for the even frames to be next to each other, you have to install them all at small distances in the form of a set, which will eventually be in the shape of a large square or rectangle. But what if you have a number of frames whose number is odd? The best idea in these cases is to place the frames next to each other with a small distance in a horizontal row.

The distance between the frames must be exactly the same size to create an eye-catching view. In this style of frame installation, it is better that the frames and their size are similar. The image inside the frames does not have to be the same, but the size and design of the frame should be the same; Of course, if the content in the frame is related to each other in terms of concept or color, the wall view will be even more attractive.

at the end

Remember that installing a frame on a wall has no specific rules; But the tips and tricks mentioned above will give you ideas for better frame design. The purpose of decorating a home or any other environment is to enjoy being there more. So personal taste plays an important role in this regard. You can refer to the following link to see different photo frames. You can definitely find the photo frame that suits your taste there:

Which type of frame arrangement do you think is more attractive? Do you know another way to pick frames? Tell us your thoughts. We and other readers will definitely use them.





Installing and arranging the frame on the wall and the points that you must follow


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