How to use Accent Wall in changing home decoration

How to use Accent Wall in changing home decoration


Colors have an important effect on the atmosphere of the house and the feeling you get from being there. Variety of colorsNew construction offers many attractive and tempting choices. On the other hand, choosing an interesting, special and special color that is compatible with the decor and furniture of the room or house is not easy. The solution to this problem is to use special or special walls. These distinctive walls have become increasingly popular among interior designers and people and even businesses. In addition, they create a different atmosphere in a part of your home or workplace with the least cost and effort. In this article, we will explain step by step how to add your desired accent to the interior decoration of the house.


Accentuals owe their popularity to their simplicity of execution and low cost, and of course, to the significant impact they have on the space around them. These walls are the best option for those who like to use special and different colors instead of neutral and common colors in their living or working place, and at the same time, do not want to change all the decorations and furniture according to this color.

At first glance, changing the color of one of the walls of a room or house may seem a bit against the balance and uniformity of its overall color scheme; But in fact, with this simple trick, you can add a little dimension, adventure and of course beauty to your interior at a reasonable cost.

Advantages of using Accentual

Special walls are simple but efficient. In addition, they attract attention and change the atmosphere of your room / home / workplace. One of the main advantages of this idea is that the wall itself becomes your decor. Your accessory, with a different color but in harmony with the atmosphere of the room, is a work of art and is considered as a part of interior decoration.

As a result, you do not have to spend money to cover the wall with different images and objects. You can leave your interior space a little private. By the way, since you just want to turn one or two levels of your interior space into special walls, you can be a little bolder in choosing the colors you want. You can also use these walls to complete the space you have already created with different tools.

For example, suppose you have a beautiful rug or an impressive sculpture. This rug or sculpture plays the role of the centerpiece in the decoration of one of the rooms of your house. Choosing the same color or color similar to the dominant color of the sculpture or rug for accessory not only changes the space and its feel, but also makes the color seen in your rug or sculpture become the dominant color of the space and make your environment look more uniform.

Finally, we must mention the use of this type of painting in making spaces look bigger or smaller. Choosing the right curtains in warm or cool colors, depending on your taste and the space you have, will make your rooms bigger or smaller depending on the need. Using these colors correctly will help make your cramped, dark work room a little more inviting and energetic, or make your small bedroom a little bigger.

How to make home decoration more attractive with Accentual?

In the following, we will help you step by step decide which wall to choose as an accessory and how to prepare your own accessory.

1. Listen to your heart

The best way to choose a color for your accent wall is to listen to your inner voice

The first step in adding the right accent to your home or workplace is to choose the right color for it. Of course, to choose the color you want, you must also consider the points that we will explain more in the following. The best thing to do is to listen to your inner voice. You definitely have clothes that you will feel better wearing. What color is this dress? You probably like this dress because its color combination makes you feel good. You can use this basic clue to find the possible color that you want the accent of your home to have.

2. Choose your wall

In every house or room, there is a wall that catches your attention the most.

In every house or room, there is a wall that attracts the most attention. These walls seem to have magical attractions that attract attention and, of course, attention. This wall does not have to be in a specific part of your home; For example, this wall can be located next to the kitchen or at the end of your bedroom. An important part of the story is choosing a wall that plays a key role in the space of your room or home.

If you are unsure about choosing an effective wall for your home or office, you can get help from others. You can ask family, friends or co-workers to come into the room and say what was the first thing or place that caught their attention. By repeating this experiment long enough, you will be able to find the wall that has the most impact on your interior space.

3. Remove extra decor

It is a basic principle in home decoration that the more furniture in a space, the less visible the walls will be.

Choosing and painting a wall as a home accent alone is not enough. These walls have not been given special or distinctive titles for no reason. It is better to empty the front wall a little. The reason for this proposal is the basic principle in home decoration that the more furniture in a space, the less the walls will be seen.

Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need when it comes to guests moving into your new home or office. To achieve a better balance in the decoration of the room, it is better to move the disturbing visual accessories of the house around it. Bookcases, large, thick curtains, and other decorative items should not prevent your home from seeing a masterpiece of art.

4. Note the effect of colors

Familiarity with the basics of color and the effects of colors on the home or work environment and the psyche of residents has become more important than ever

Today, thanks to technological advances, there is almost no limit to the amount of paint that can be used in construction projects. For this reason, familiarity with the basic principles of coloring, the effect and psychology of colors on the home or work environment, as well as the spirit and psyche of residents has become more important than ever; Especially when it comes to choosing a different color for a particular wall, give it a distinctive effect.

Colors are divided into two general categories of warm and cold colors. Warm colors (including yellow, red, and shades close to them) have a lot of energy and in addition to creating a sense of vitality, they also strengthen your appetite; However, using these colors will make your walls look smaller. As a result, if you are thinking of using an Xentual at home, you need to be sensitive in locating it.

As far as possible, it is better not to use warm colors on the walls around the sides of the rooms. Instead, it is better to use such colors in the end walls of small and elongated rooms to have a better balance in terms of volume.

Cool colors, on the other hand, have the opposite effect. They will make your interior look bigger. Using this color spectrum in small rooms will help to make them look bigger. Even such paints are useful for use on side walls. You do not need to think only about special spaces to use colors such as blue, green and purple.

5. Define the mood of the room

In addition to using warm or cool colors, you need to think about the visual sense of the space you want to improve by changing the color.

In addition to using warm or cool colors, you should also think about the visual sense of the space you want to improve by changing the color. This means that things like the amount of light that enters your room and the harmony of the colors you choose with the amount of light in the room are as important as the color and location you choose. For best results, consider the following:

  • Rooms facing west / south

Rooms facing west or south usually have a warmer atmosphere. The use of cool colors in such rooms makes the color spectrum of the room a little more balanced.

  • North / East Rooms

Rooms facing north or east have higher color temperatures and therefore a cooler atmosphere. The use of warm colors in such spaces makes them a little warmer and more pleasant.

Conclusion and closing remarks

Accent walls are the best choice for quick and effective change of space and mood of a room or roofed space, with the least cost and hassle.

Accents are the best choice for a quick and effective change of space and the feeling of a room or a roofed space with the least cost and hassle. Your choices are really limited and you can implement many creative ideas on your own walls; For example, you can think of installing cabinets of the same color, using decorative stones to cover the walls or even painting the side of the stairs in duplex houses.

Another attractive option is to use the ceiling of the room to create a color shock. Using the ceiling as a special surface coloring is a good idea for crowded rooms. Usually in these rooms, there is a whole device in advance that it is not easy to change their composition. The ceiling of the room is the fifth and usually forgotten wall of the rooms that can have a great impact on its space.

Remember that changing the color of a wall or ceiling is easier than painting the whole space of the house. As a result, the color of your choice does not have to be permanent. If you want, you can change it again later for a small fee. Be bold and risk-taking and try to go for colors that are not usually your first choice.

Be creative, do not be afraid of new ideas and innovative ideas, because by choosing a suitable and special combination, you can give a unique space to your work or life. This change is one of the best things you can do to improve your mood, especially during this period of homelessness and quarantine.


What do you think about using Accentual? Is there an Xentual in your home or office or around you? How much do you agree with its effectiveness in interior decoration? If you have had the experience of performing Accentual or have encountered it in different places, it is good to tell us about the experience and feeling.




How to use Accent Wall in changing home decoration


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