Hairdressing decoration design with creative ideas

Hairdressing decoration design with creative ideas

When opening a hair salon, the owner should not only consider the appropriate location and professional equipment of the hairdresser, but also the type of decoration. The appearance of the hairdresser has a great impact on customers; For this reason, even the smallest details must be considered. There are many ideas for decorating a hair salon, but here we are going to focus on beautiful posters suitable for hairdressing and wall decorations. Installing a poster is one of the easiest and, of course, most effective ways to decorate the walls of a hairdresser.

General ideas for hairdressing decoration

There are common principles for setting up or changing the decoration of all hairdressers and beauty salons, according to which you can easily create a special and unique environment in your hairdresser.

Modern hairdressing decoration

A hair salon is not just a place where only hair is cut according to the latest fashion or nail designs. In fact, the hairdresser is a place that most people use to relax, lift their spirits and temporarily get away from everyday life and issues. There are different effective suggestions for designing the decoration of hairdressing salons, which can be used to create a special decor for the hairdressing environment.

However, when choosing the type of decoration for your hairdresser, you should think above all about the needs of your customers. It is very important that your clients feel comfortable in the barber shop. Because they leave your hairdresser in a happy, positive and good mood. Almost all decoration styles used in interior decoration can also be used in hairdressing decorations. If your hairdresser caters to specific clients, you need to see what their tastes are. For example, if your hair salon is for celebrities, its design should be luxurious and elegant, but if most of your clients will be young, then the decoration should be exaggerated and artistic. Modern, vintage and environmentally friendly classic styles are universal.

After choosing the style you want, you should think about its decoration. Posters, paintings and photographs are commonly used in the decoration of hairdressing salons. Poster is the best choice because buying real paintings is expensive and the photos are usually not very visible. Posters are not only expensive, they are attractive and effective. When choosing them, you should consider the overall design of the interior of the hairdresser to make everything look great and correct.

Art Deco style

Hairdressing decoration - Art Deco

The most daring and innovative hair salon owners, with their beauty salons Art Deco style (The hallmark of this style is the use of precise and bold geometric shapes and bright colors. This style is a mixture of modernity and decorative and precious designs.) They decorate. Of course, this is relatively risky. Because some customers do not feel comfortable in such an atmosphere. If you like this style but are afraid of losing your customers, you can decorate only part of the interior of your hair salon with Art Deco. For example, put up an Art Deco style poster on your hair salon wall. In this way, you can have a part of Art Deco style in your hairdresser and at the same time your customers will not be bothered.

Vintage style

Hairdressing decoration - vintage

As mentioned above, vintage style is suitable for a wide range of customers, because it is a neutral style and makes the salon beautiful and attractive. You can decorate your hairdresser with old styles and vintage style works, but do not forget that your work equipment must be completely up-to-date in order to provide quality services.

Vintage style hairdressing posters are often used to decorate walls, but they are a bit difficult to make. Fortunately, these days you can find people who accept orders for old-fashioned posters. In addition to new hairstyle posters, you can also use older posters to make your hairdresser look attractive.

Informative posters

Hairdressing decoration - informative

When choosing a poster for your hair salon, you need to see how you can entertain your clients. This is especially important when they are waiting for a hairdresser or putting a mask on their face. Hairdressers usually put a number of magazines and newspapers on the table or entertain the customer with television or music. However, in addition to these, you can make your customers learn something new during this time. So you can put educational posters on the walls of the barber shop that provide information to the client on a topic, such as skin care or simple hair styling. In this way, in addition to freeing you from empty and lifeless walls, the poster also prevents your customers from becoming bored and bored.

Inspirational hairdressing wall decoration

Hairdressing Decoration - Inspiring

Undoubtedly, the decoration of a hairdresser can affect employees and customers. You have the opportunity to influence the people who step into your hairdressing salon by choosing inspirational posters. For example, wall stickers with inspirational and motivational sayings are sold in the market that you can stick on the wall of your hair salon.

Hair salon decoration

Here are some of the most popular hair salon decoration ideas that can suit any style of interior decoration and color scheme.

Hair style posters for hairdressers

Images of different hair styles are usually used to decorate the hair salon. These posters not only decorate the walls of the hair salon, but also allow customers to choose the hairstyle they want. You can stick photos of your hairdresser’s work as well as photos of celebrities on the wall of your hairdresser. You can prepare professional photos of the most interesting hairstyles for your hairdresser.

Colored hair posters

Hairdressing decoration - hair color

Posters depicting blonde, red and black hair are on sale everywhere, but there are a number of posters that show other hair colors. For example, you can install a poster on the wall of the hair salon that includes a variety of hair colors. These types of posters are usually made by hair color companies and the customer can choose his favorite color from the suggested colors. It is better to install a poster of interesting hair colors such as ballage, amber, light, etc. in your hairdresser.

Funny posters for hair salon

Among all the posters that have been prepared for the hair salon, you can also find funny posters. If you and your staff are somewhat humorous, use at least one funny poster for your hairdresser.

Advertising Posters

If you want to promote a particular method or brand in your hairdressing salon, then you should go for advertising posters. Of course, you should not use these posters too much, because your customers will be frustrated. One or two posters are enough.

Nail service salon decoration

If you have a nail salon, you should consider a different decoration from the previous decorations. Here are some ideas for decorating the walls of such a hall.

Manicure posters

Hairdressing decoration - manicure

Manicure is a kind of beauty and health work because of which, most customers go to nail salons. Therefore, the use of manicure posters for such a salon is essential. Of course, it is very important that the nails in the image are perfect and flawless. It is also a good idea to use nail designs.

Pedicure posters

Hairdressing decoration - pedicure

Nail salons are also active in pedicure. So if you want to provide foot services in addition to nails, be sure to use pedicure posters to remind your customers.

Posters related to the work done in the nail service salon

Most nail salons put photos of services done by their manicurists in their catalogs or albums. But it is better to put some of your best works in the form of posters on the wall of your hall. With this type of poster, you can quickly get your customer’s attention.

Functional decorations for nail service salons

There are always tools that most manicurists use. An example is a lamp. The lamp can make the nail design much more attractive. So you can use beautiful and creative lamps that match the decoration of your hall.

Facial salon decoration

If your hairdresser is only for facial makeup, it is better to use posters with facial makeup themes, some of which are mentioned below.

Posters showing the work process

You can use posters that are related to eyebrow correction or show the process of cleansing the skin with ultrasound waves, or you can use posters that depict other tasks related to face makeup. These posters show customers how their face works. If your salon also offers eyelash extensions, you can use posters that show the types of designs and shapes of false eyelashes.

Facial posters

The makeup poster can be chosen to capture the result of what is being done on customers’ faces. For example, explain some of the process or be aware of facial massage lines.

Eyebrow design posters

Hairdressing Decoration - Eyebrow Design

If your hairdresser also offers tattoo, color or eyebrow correction services, then it is best to post a poster on the hairdresser’s wall that has all the possible eyebrow designs. This way, your customers can show you the eyebrow shape they like.

Spa decor for hairdresser

Hairdressing decoration, spa

Almost every spa center uses massage posters, Ayurveda posters and posters depicting the process of spas. Ayurveda is an ancient science that uses herbs, massage and yoga to treat people. Ayurvedic massage is also used in some beauty salons. If your hairdresser also offers such services, then it is better to have posters related to it on the walls of your hairdresser. In addition, you can use unique posters of landscapes and nature and give your customers a sense of peace. Nature posters can be used for water, mountains, plants, posters of medicinal plants and anything you think is nice to see while spending time in the spa.

Tanning Posters

Choosing a poster for tanning salons is relatively difficult. In these salons, posters of people who have tanned or are in a solarium are usually used. Of course, these salons also use advertising posters for sunscreen products. Informative posters on how to tan are another selection of tanning salon posters.

As you can see, there are many posters for hairdressers that can be used in public areas of the hairdresser or only for certain salons. Whatever service your hairdresser provides, use a poster that fits. In addition, instead of using simple decorations, add charm to your hairdresser with other beautiful decorations.


Hairdressing decoration design with creative ideas


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