Golden tips to consider when choosing a sofa color

Golden tips to consider when choosing a sofa color

You may also be confused when choosing the color of your home sofa. There is a lot of variety in furniture production these days. So it is important to know the tips for choosing the best furniture design and color. Join us to find the right answers to this seemingly simple question: What color should I buy a sofa?


Tips to consider before choosing the color of the sofa

Although price is always an important factor, it is not the only influential factor in choosing the color of the sofa. Before choosing the color you want, you should consider a few points and ask yourself what kind of furniture you are looking for.

Do you like the traditional designs used in royal sofas or is the modern decoration more attractive to you? You also need to know how you use the sofa; For example, is the sofa in your house supposed to be a place to relax and unwind or a place to host formal parties?

Another issue is the number of children, marital status and pets. Do you use the sofa alone, or are your young children going to play on it, or is your domestic cat constantly playing on the sofa?

Finally and perhaps most importantly, you should consider the color of the carpet, the decor and the dimensions of the room in which the sofa is placed. All of these factors affect the choice of the right color for your home furniture.

How to choose the color of the furniture?

Furniture One of the most important furniture is the living room; So choosing the right color and design plays an important role in beautifying your home. A general rule in choosing the color of furniture is that it contrasts with other colors of the room or complements them. The first case gives more effect to the sofa; The second mode also causes the colors to coordinate and set. Following the guide below can help you choose the color of your sofa:

1. Get an idea

Not bad for a start Take a look at daily magazines or web pages Furniture sellers Drop it. In addition to familiarizing you with the latest designs and colors of the year and fashion, it creates a clearer picture of what you are looking for.

2. Use complementary colors

Choose the color of the sofa - complementary colors

The easiest way to choose the color of the sofa is to choose colors that complement the colors in the room. This approach ensures the integrity of your decoration. For example, if there is a lot of orange light in the room due to the lamps, the sofa Blue will be a good choice. Also, if the wall of the room is decorated with purple tapestry designs, a green sofa is the best choice.

3. Set

Choose the color of the sofa

Another way to choose the color of the sofa is to set the color of the sofa with the environment. Some colors of the whole family can be used for this; For example, a black sofa with a gray floor looks great.

4. Create a contrast

The use of designs or colors that contrast with the environment or striking colors such as jade, ruby ​​or sapphire, makes the sofa of the house impressive. Embossed designs on the sofa cover will make the sofa stand out in a room with simple colors and secluded decor.

5. Design your own

Choose the color of the desire

If your room is empty and without decor, it is better to use neutral colors such as beige or gray so that your hand is open in designing the room decor. These colors are suitable for those who want to change the color or decor of the room or move to other homes. You can also change the color and effect of sofas with neutral colors by adding cushions or different covers.

6. Pay attention to the color of the outside environment

If you live in a house with large windows and wide outside view, it is better to take a look at the color scheme of the environment and choose the color of the sofa based on them.

Choose the color of the sofa

7. Consider the possibility of the sofa getting dirty

If you are married and have children, you should consider the possibility of the sofa getting dirty; So it is better to choose colors that are easier to clean and show less dirt, colors such as brown, gray or black.

8. Pay attention to the size of your living space

If your living environment is large, you have more choice in the color or type of furniture, but if not, it is better to avoid very bright colors and crowded designs so that the sofa is not too impressive.

Introducing 10 popular sofa colors in 2019

A variety of colors have been selling well in recent years. At the end of this article, we will introduce 10 popular sofa colors:

1. Greenish blue

Choose the color of the sofa

Greenish blue is one of the softest colors that creates a beautiful effect with many other colors and is very soothing; That is why it is one of the most popular furniture colors. This color is a good option for choosing the color of the classic sofa, choosing the color of the royal sofa or comfort and is in harmony with the types of wood colors used in making the sofas.

2. White

It does not matter if you want to choose the color of the sofa or go for the royal sofa: white is a permanent choice.

3. Gray

Choose the color of the sofa

Gray is one of the neutral colors that goes well with most decorations. This color covers a wide range from light to dark, and your hand is more open in your choice.

4. Red

Young red is the most popular and warmest color of the year: the best choice for passionate young people.

5. Yellow, orange and happy colors

Many people may not find these colors suitable for a sofa, but with a neutral decor, these colors overwhelm the environment with excitement and joy.

6. Elegant designs

Choose the color of the sofa

Your furniture does not have to be the same color; Multi-color patterns and sofas with multi-colored patterned fabrics can be used to give a more stylish look to the living room.

7. Brown

Colored coffee is always popular in choosing home furniture and a risk-free choice.

8. Neutral light colors

Choose the color of the sofa

Neutral light colors such as sand, stone, fungus and beige are suitable for those who like calmness and maturity.

9. Black

Black is always in the category of popular colors because it goes with anything.

10. Neutral warm colors

Choose the color of the sofa

Warm neutral colors such as tan and biscuits are also suitable for home and family environments.





Golden tips to consider when choosing a sofa color


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