Dividing the room space with 6 very easy and practical

Dividing the room space with 6 very easy and practical methods

Whether you live in a small suite or in a large house with a lot of free space, sometimes your heart wants private space. Although the tendency to design open space has recently increased, this issue does not diminish the value of private spaces in the house. We have dedicated this article to this topic and we want to see how we can create such spaces in the house without construction and with little effort. Here are six ways to divide a room; Stay with us.

1. Change the layout

If you have a very large and generous room in the house, move the furniture to the center of the room instead of stacking it around the room. In this way, the room no longer feels empty.

Do not be afraid to place the buffet in the middle of the room, as this will allow you to divide the room into two separate sections.

Choose large items that are harmonious in color or shape; This way the room will not look crowded. Use small decorative items such as porcelain pots and bowls to lighten the space.

Always try to leave a considerable amount of space around large furniture so that the room does not become too crowded.

2. lighting

Lighting - dividing the room space into two parts

Lighting is a subtle and relatively imperceptible way to divide a room into two separate spaces. Table lamps and candles illuminate small areas with their soft light. Ceiling lights, on the other hand, illuminate certain focal points, such as panels and sconces.

But chandeliers and ceiling pendants are in themselves one of the highlights of the house, which in addition to illuminating the desired space, occupy a larger volume and play a role in separating the spaces; So make sure you get the most out of them.

3. Use carpets and rugs

Laying carpets and rugs - Divide the room into two parts

Using carpets and rugs is another way to divide the room space into two parts. Spread the carpet or rug on the desired area and fill around or on it with furniture. In this way, you separate the desired space from other parts of the room. By using rugs in different shapes and sizes, you can separate a part of the space to your taste. In addition, you can reduce the cold and hardness of the floor by spreading carpets and soft rugs.

4. Use of bookshelves

Bookcase - Divide the room into two parts

Having a bookshelf is essential for any home, but sometimes choosing the right place for it can be challenging. Books are basically beautiful and should be used in interior design.

The use of double shelves is a smart choice for dividing the space of the house. Because it not only accommodates books, but can also act as a kind of temporary wall. Make your bookshelf one of the landmarks of your home by adding colorful decorations to your bookshelf or installing a ladder to create a library feel.

You do not need to use these shelves just for books; You can create an artistic look with a combination of beautiful decorative items and your favorite notes along with books; Or you can turn one of the shelves into a dual-purpose shelf by assigning one side of the shelf to the organizing boxes.

5. Use curtains

Installing curtains - dividing the room space into two parts

First, you need to carefully define your goal of dividing the room space and choose the most practical method accordingly. If your goal is to completely divide the room into two separate spaces, you can do this by installing curtains.

All you have to do is move the curtain rail to the desired location and install the curtain on it. The fabrics and clamps you choose for the curtains should match the color and design of other parts of the room. In this way, you can completely separate the specific space and use it in different titles, such as the guest bedroom.

When we use rails to install the curtain, we can open and close it as we wish. In addition, removing and cleaning the curtains is very simple. If you do not want the curtain to act as a partition wall, use a finer fabric. In this way, the curtain can be seen from one side to the other, and light and air can enter both parts of the house.

6. Use partitions

Partition - Divide the room space into two parts

If you want to be more open to sharing space and looking for something that is easy to move around, using a temporary partition would be a great and efficient idea.

If you can create a partition yourself, you can get exactly what you want. Otherwise, you can use ready-made partitions and match the color and با with other parts of the room with the appropriate wallpaper.

If about the ideas presented in this article Theoretical, If you have any other solution for dividing the space of the room without the need for walling, please share it with us.



Dividing the room space with 6 very easy and practical methods


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