12 ideas for teaching simple painting on canvas; Update your

12 ideas for learning simple canvas painting; Update your home decor

Are you also interested in art, such as a simple painting on canvas, but do not create your own artwork? You should not limit yourself just because you are not called an artist or do not have a certain degree of art. You just have to follow a certain thought process and put it on paper. This is what makes you an artist. Just have a little passion and an idea. Nor is it always difficult to learn; Especially when you want to learn painting. The easiest way to do this is to create an effect on the canvas. If you want to change the decoration of your home with a few simple ideas and simple paintings on canvas, read the rest of this article.

To start painting on canvas, it is better to have the following materials and tools.

Materials and equipment needed

  • Acrylic paints;
  • a glass of water;
  • Brush.

Optional equipment

  • Tripod;
  • Color palette;
  • Water spray;
  • Drawing tape;
  • spray color;
  • Puring medium;
  • Ordinary varnish;
  • Alphabet label;
  • Liquitex gloss varnish;
  • Palette knives to help mix colors.

1. A variety of simple and custom designs

For step-by-step instructions and to complete a simple canvas painting, you can visit the Art Sherpa YouTube channel. This channel has more than half a million followers and 800 free and easy acrylic painting instructional videos.

The interesting thing about this channel is that you do not have to draw the whole original design on the canvas yourself; Instead, just print the design in this channel, and then, to complete each design, you will be taught exactly which brush to use and how to combine the colors.

2. Quotes; Ideas for simple canvas painting

Simple painting on canvas - use quotes

You may have a painting or design at home that you do not like. In this case, you can easily create custom writings or famous and inspiring quotes on the same painting. This project requires letter labels. Also, instead of acrylic paints and brushes, you can use spray paint.

Just select the quote you want to use. Next, cut out your letters and then paste them into the art piece and draw. Wait for the labels to dry before removing them carefully.

3. Painting geometric strips

Simple painting on canvas - geometric designs

This simple and inexpensive method has impressive results. Here we have written how to make a drawing with geometric tape.

First, apply a base coat to your canvas. Then add another layer of your choice and spray paint it with gold paint (you can also use acrylic paint). After the base layers have dried, place your paint tape or washer tape on the canvas in the desired design. Next, fill in the shapes with bold contrasting colors, and finally, carefully scrape the strip when it dries.

4. Spray paint on canvas

Watching the paint spill on the canvas is strangely satisfying. You need medium purging to try this mesmerizing method.

To pour the paint on the canvas, you must first dilute it. To do this, read the instructions on the paint. You can also buy mixed colors that already contain the right amount of medium purging. The project also requires a variety of cleaning equipment; Because the environment may become dirty. You will also need a few small plastic cups to pour the paint on the canvas.

5. Simple flowers; Ideas for simple painting on canvas

Flowers for simple painting on canvas

If you do not like the previous ones or you find them difficult, you can try simpler designs. For these simple designs, all you have to do is draw the outline with a pencil and color it as you wish.

6. Admiral tail

Mermaid tail simple painting idea on canvas to change home decoration

The Admiralty Tail is a famous and beautiful painting that can be easily created or changed at will.

To create this effect, you first need a background with several different colors. Then you can draw the tail with a pencil and then paint it. Once the paint is dry, you can start the scales from the bottom left corner.

7. Sunrise in the Himalayas

Sunrise in the Himalayas 12 simple canvas painting ideas to change home decor

You can make your own 65 USD (25 OMR) Himalayan hand-painted original by Art Boheme.

To begin, select 3 colors in a family and combine several shades of white to create several shades of one color. Paint the canvas in the lightest shade to act as your background. Then, if necessary, use a circular can or conveyor to draw the sun. Pull the mountains as calmly as you can. Next, fill out all the forms. Using a medium shade for the background of the mountain and the darkest shade for the front mountain, you will create a beautiful effect.

8. Draw your pet

First find a photo of your pet and print it out. You can then step by step draw the image on the canvas. Of course, it is better to choose a simple photo with clear lines so that you can draw the original design more easily.

9. Cow with a wreath

Simple painting on canvas - simple cow

Don’t have a pet to draw on? no problem. You can try the image of a cow with a wreath.

10. Minimal and simple design

Minimalist designs Simple canvas painting ideas to change home decor

To create a work like the one above, you will need the following materials:

  • Canvas;
  • Small painting roller;
  • Dark blue and white.

To draw this effect, drop a drop of dark blue on a piece of paper and pass the roller over it. Then, draw the pattern on a white sheet of paper. It is important to start with just 1 drop of paint; Because this kind of design has to look “drop”.

Repeat this for several rows to fill the entire sheet of paper (try to overlap the rows at several points). Then repeat the same procedure with white and apply its pattern on dark blue. In this way, you get a “blurred” effect that should look almost like the photo above.

11. Abstract art; Ideas for simple painting on canvas

Abstract art An idea for a simple painting on canvas

You can always create a different and abstract effect on the canvas with the help of custom shapes and other colors. It is better that the colors used in your painting are in harmony with other colors of your home decoration. You can search for all kinds of famous abstract designs and paintings on the Internet for inspiration.

12. Adhesive on canvas

Using glue is an idea for simple painting on canvas

Perhaps the best way to create a simple painting on canvas is this. In this work, you can freely use a design or use transfer paper to track a printed design. Then, just using glue, create a three-dimensional effect, and then tie the different components together with a layer of paint.

what is your opinion? Are you a painter yourself? Do you use your own paintings in your home decoration? What do you think about implementing the ideas in this article? It is good to share your advice or suggestions with us.

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12 ideas for teaching simple painting on canvas; Update your home decor


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